Die Laserz

Family Hotel in the Dolomites/Großglockner area, East Tyrol - Lienz

Family-run hotel since 1929

Famile Koller

Elisabeth Koller is the fourth generation in the ***Hotel Laserz. Elisabeth took over the business from her mother Astrid and has been the new host in the Laserz since 2021. With Elisabeth's two children Anna and Josef, the fifth generation is already growing up. The family and the company are almost inextricably linked.

Today, as in the past, the house has about 45 beds and will continue to be run as a small, fine house with traditional hospitality.



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The history of the hotele

Hotel Laserz, Dolomiten

The builders - Josef and Aloisia Amort (nee Hinterthaner from Matrei)


The Laserz was built by Aloisia and Josef Amort between 1927 and 1929. The opening took place in the summer of 1929. The location for the house was deliberately chosen because the paths to Ulrichsbichl and Lake Tristach lead directly past it. At first the small hotel was only open in summer, from 1936 it was managed in winter and summer season.


The name Laserz

The love for the mountains made Josef Amort choose the name "Laserz". The name "Laserz" comes from a mountain range in the Lienz Dolomites.

The second generation - Albert and Helene Amort (née Gruber vom Defereggerhof at Iselsberg)


Albert Amort, son of Josef and Aloisia, and his wife Helene (née Gruber from the Hotel Defreggerhof on the Iselsberg pass) took over the Pension Laserz in 1972, renovated extensively and with foresight the indoor pool and tennis court. They ran three businesses, the Laserz in Amlach, the Defreggerhof on the Iselsberg and, in the summer, the Glocknerhaus leased business on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road.

The third generation – Astrid and Lois Koller


Astrid Koller (née Amort) took over the hotel from her father in 1989. With the help of her husband Alois, she ran the house in the third generation. They had 3 children and were always there for the family and the company. Under her leadership, the restaurant business was greatly expanded.

Familie Koller

Dolomitenhütte & Glocknerhaus


All those who look closely at the hotel will also discover many old pictures and photos of the Großglockner, the Glocknerhaus and the Dolomitenhütte.


Before the Laserz was built, Josef Amort had already managed the Karlsbader Hütte with his wife Aloisia. On the footpath between Laserz and Karlsbader Hütte, a spot for a new hut was sought at his favorite resting place - that was the birth of the Dolomitenhütte. In 1936 the Dolomitenhütte was built at its current location. After initial difficulties, the hut could only be managed in winter and - with a lot of patience and persuasion with the authorities - then also in summer. The hut is no longer owned by the family.


The Glockner is also inextricably linked to the family. As a former tenant of the Glocknerhaus on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road for many years.

In 1950, Josef Amort and his son Albert leased the Glocknerhaus of the ÖAV, section Klagenfurt, on the Elisabethruhe, just below the Franz-Josefs-Höhe. In the summer months from May to October, that meant double the work. The family remained tenants of the Glocknerhaus until 1998. First Josef, then Albert and Hella (tenants for over 25 years) and finally Astrid and Lois.